Turn your Samsung Galaxy into a Gameboy with this awesome retro console case


If you’re a child of the 90’s, there’s a good chance your hands are still pre-programmed to fit a Nintendo Gameboy like gloves. Gaming consoles and 65-inch televisions keep advancing the gaming medium, but there’s still an undeniable charge that comes from gripping a handheld game system in your hot little hands as you tackle classic games of yesteryear.

The Gameboy case essentially turns your Samsung into a slightly slimmed-down Gameboy, putting some of the industry’s all-time greatest games right in the palm of your hand whenever you’re down to play. Right now, you can score this addictively fun piece of throwback tech for more than half off, just $33.99 from Mycases Deals.

The console slips on to your Samsung Galaxy like a phone case — except it’s a lot more fun. Fire it up and you’ll have 10 classic games, ready to play whenever you’ve got some down moments…or hours!

Sporting Hall of Fame titles like Tank, Formula One Racing, Snake and the venerable Tetris, it’s a serious pocketful of nostalgia, a guaranteed conversation piece and a heck of a lot of fun.

The case’s durable plastic construction fully protects your phone without restricting access to any of its ports, while the raised control buttons offer the authentic, tactile feel all Gameboy fans fondly remember.

They’re available to fit  S8 / S8+ and S9 / S9+ models. Stop draining your phone battery playing games on your phone when you can start playing games on the back of your phone with this cool Wanle console, now 57 percent off at only $33.99.