PROSHOOT CASE iPhone 7/8 Plus


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Turn your iPhone into a professional camera with this 6 in 1 camera lens integated in an awesome Phone Case.

How would you like to capture phenomenal photographs with your iPhone camera using a vast variation of different professional lenses? With this amazing iPhone Case, you can take images from all kinds of perspectives by simply switching from one lens type to another.

It comes with 6 different selections of lenses including, fish-eye lens that casts that cool oval effect in pictures, a macro lens that allows you to zoom in tight to objects that are very small in size, wide angle lens, telephoto lens, 10x Macro lens and 20X macro lens.

As a result of its seamless design, you can easily switch in and out of the lenses for each photograph depending on your preference. The lens case also serves as an additional shock proof protectionfor the phone that prevents damage in case of a fall.


  • Easy switching and fast capture
  • High quality lightweight design with a duallayer protection
  • 6 different selections of professional lens options
  • Easy to disassemble lens case
  • Adaptable lens for a variety of uses

Package includes: Pro Phone Lens, Phone case (iPhone 7/8 Plus), Phone starp

With the Proshoot Case™, you can have your own high definition resolution camera and iPhone all in one. Get you's today!

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